Kosoo Korean BBQ

Tradition Meets Innovation Under The Reliable Kosoo Banner

Kosoo Korean BBQ

Tradition Meets Innovation Under The Reliable Kosoo Banner

About Kosoo

The name “Kosoo” translates to ‘master’ and ‘to sustain’ in Korean.

It’s not just a name; it’s a commitment. A pledge to master our craft and to sustain our culinary heritage through the evolution of modern cuisine.

Our ethos lies in the basics, the fundamentals of culinary artistry. It is through respecting these traditions that we continue to innovate and offer our unique modern twist. Every dish served at Kosoo bears testament to this blend of old and new – the preservation of authenticity with a contemporary flourish.

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Chef De Cuisine Seung-Min Han

Seung-Min Han, the heart and soul behind Kosoo. His mantra is simple and profound, “If our guests are happy then we are happy.” This single line encapsulates the relentless passion, boundless creativity, and unwavering dedication that drives Chef Han’s culinary pursuits.

Chef Han has one passion: his sheer dedication to creating fantastic food from the ground up. Whether its the principles of ingredients or that of the specific cuisine, it all comes back to the first principle of becoming a true master at his craft; to treat every dish with reverence.

– Founder of Kosoo Restaurant

– Provence Marinaside – Sous Chef, Vancouver, Canada

– Le cordon Bleu Signatures

– Fairmont Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, Canada

– Kin Sushi

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The Kosoo Management Team


Jungmin Lee


Sanghyun Keh


Soojin Kim


Jeongkyu Choi


Byung Su Park


Dongwook Ahn

The Kosoo Management Team is a group of seasoned professionals and culinary experts who have tirelessly worked alongside Chef Han for many years to establish Kosoo Restaurant as it stands today. They are colleagues, mentors, and trusted business partners who have played an instrumental role in the restaurant’s growth and success.

Working hand in hand with Chef Han, they provide the support and the strength needed to face each new day’s challenges and victories. Their combined efforts have culminated in the creation of Kosoo as we know it – a place where culinary traditions and modernity meet in a harmonious blend.

The Kosoo Management Team is a robust blend of veterans from the restaurant industry, experienced chefs, and skilled managers. They are the backbone of the Kosoo experience, always attentive to the voice of our customers and focused on improving the quality of our service and offerings.

Their commitment extends beyond today, and into tomorrow. The team is unwaveringly dedicated to ensuring that each day at Kosoo is happier than the last, sharing every moment of joy with our customers. They are determined to make Kosoo a place where every visit is more than just a meal; it’s an experience, a memory, a story.

As we journey forward, the Kosoo Management Team will continue to guide and support Chef Han’s vision, ensuring that the Kosoo legacy of delivering superior dining experiences and creating happy memories lives on. So, come join us, and be part of our journey as we continue to redefine the Korean dining experience.

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More Than 1000 Google Reviews

Sara Chan
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We are so excited to hear there is a new Korean BBQ restaurant open on Westwood, so we went there for dinner last week, and we’ve picked their pork belly dinner set for 2, I can’t believe there are so much food in the set, and they offer marinated crab in the appetiser, which not many shop would do that 😍 their green onion salad is tasty, that 2 long pcs of pork belly could feed 3 person, plus the soup and cold noodles, we can barely finished the whole meal. Everything is so authentic
Jeane Park
Local Guide
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We ordered the Beef short rib set, Cheese chicken galbi, and Gopchang geongol, and all the dishes were delicious. The portions were generous, and four adults enjoyed the meal very much! Kosoo restaurant is the most delicious Korean food restaurant I've ever tried. Also, the staff we got serviced was very friendly.
Local Guide
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I've been here before it was Korean bbq, and they did a lot of work on the inside! Everything is really nice and clean, with a chill vibe. The staff are amazing, and the food is pretty on point also. Although we didn't cook our own food on the BBQ like normally, the food was served cooked, not complaining was kind of nice, actually. For all the side dishes you get, it's definitely worth the price. I am sure we will be back and definitely recommend trying this place out.
Kenneth Lo
Local Guide
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Fantastic new restaurant in Coquitlam that shows their seasoned experience in both food and service quality! Differing from the other Koosoo branches, this restaurant focuses on Korean BBQ style meals and did not disappoint. We ordered the “short rib combo for 2” and it fed three of us and was incredibly delicious. The set came with 2 bowls of rice, a set of raw crab legs,the titled short rib, a salad, soup and of course the classic set of Korean side dishes (Kimchi, Sprouts, Potatoe). Additionally the atmosphere was very comfortable, notably the arrangements of comfy booth seating, and the staff were immensely welcoming in serving, preparing and chatting tableside. All in all, a great new restaurant in the Coquitlam core that is a must try 🙂
Edna Lim
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First time here and celebrated my brother’s father’s day celebration with family. The food was tasty, great portion and beat of all, the service was wonderful. All staff were attentive, friendly and cheerful. Highly recommended. All members of my family loved this new place. The only issue is parking. street parking or park in the Henderson area. But At this point, since it’s almost summer, it’s worth a little walk to this great family place.

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Beef short rib 1

Beef short rib


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Beef intestines


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Pork belly


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Sea eel(Jangeo)



Buchu Geon, 부추전-Kosoo Best Korean Restaurant In Downtown Vancouver

Chives pancake


Kimchi Geon, 김치전-Kosoo Best Korean Restaurant In Downtown Vancouver

Beef tartare


Beef Tartare, 육회-Kosoo Best Korean Restaurant In Downtown Vancouver

Kimchi pancake


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Rose tteokbokki


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