Our Story

Kosoo means ‘master’ and ‘to sustain’ in Korean

Kosoo is a best Modern Korean Restaurant in Vancouver.
With the belief that the fundamentals are the core of culinary artistry, Kosoo maintains tradition with a unique modern flair in its own dishes.
Kosoo is a space of ‘Creativity’ where chefs experiment to present new flavours and types of dishes by using a variety of Korean traditional fermented sauces.
Kosoo is a space of ‘Sharing’ where everyone can enjoy a comfortable and
cheerful experience with high-quality food, and a warm ambiance in a space that offers a unique combination of modernism and tradition.

At Kosoo, we keep our focus on the development, study, and improvement of our food with a sincere and enthusiastic belief.
Moreover, through our pursuit of ‘Innovation’ and ‘Creativity,’
we constantly endeavor to sustain the most essential motif of cooking, that

Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness;
good food is founded upon the use of the freshest and highest quality of ingredients

Kosoo dreams to be serving memorable food that is recollected together with happy and meaningful stories.
We open our doors everyday keeping our mind steadfast and dreaming for a brighter tomorrow.


Certainly, here’s a concise version of Kosoo’s history, highlighting each key milestone:

April 2015

Kosoo begins in Vancouver, setting a new standard in Korean cuisine by mixing tradition with innovation and establishing a beloved brand.

October 2019

Kosoo grows, opening a second location on Robson Street with a new “Korean Chicken + BBQ” concept, enriching Vancouver’s street food variety.

December 2020

A historic moment as Kosoo takes over the iconic Sai Woo in Chinatown, merging history with modernity and broadening our cultural footprint

June 2023

The third Kosoo restaurant opens in Coquitlam, bringing authentic Korean Barbecue and a community-centric dining ethos to the area.

November 2023

Transformation of Sai Woo to “Kosoo Pocha at Sai Woo,” creating a trendy spot that fuses the nostalgia of Sai Woo with the dynamic atmosphere of a Korean pocha.

Throughout our growth, Kosoo has been more than a restaurant chain; it’s a narrative of culinary creativity, cultural fusion, and communal spirit, continually evolving and inviting everyone to share in our journey of taste and togetherness.

Our Philosophy

Kosoo embodies a dual meaning in its name, representing both mastery and steadfastness in Korean. This duality is woven into our core values and mission, signifying our dedication to being masters of authentic Korean cuisine while firmly maintaining our commitment to tradition and innovation. At Kosoo, we aim to:

Seoul's Culinary Scene

Introduce Vancouver to the Seoulful and soulful delights of Korean flavors, bringing a taste of Seoul’s vibrant culinary scene to the local palate.

Freshness & Quality

Serve dishes crafted from select, locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring freshness and quality that bring happiness with every bite.

culinary experiences

Infuse our cuisine with time, care, and sincerity, pouring our hearts into every dish to create meaningful culinary experiences.

commitment to sincerity

Our commitment to sincerity is evident in every meal, with each dish prepared with meticulous care and a generous investment of time.

constantly evolving menu

At Kosoo, we believe tradition flourishes with creativity; our evolving menu reflects this ethos, blending time-honored recipes with innovative culinary techniques.


Our Chef

Seung-Min Han, the heart and soul behind Kosoo. His mantra is simple and profound, “If our guests are happy then we are happy.” This single line encapsulates the relentless passion, boundless creativity, and unwavering dedication that drives Chef Han’s culinary pursuits.

Kosoo Restaurant is not just a business venture, but a dream brought to life by Chef Han. He curates our menus with as much intricacy as the story of his career, reflecting the depth of his persona – as refined and understated as his food presentations. Blending the essence of French, Korean, and Japanese cuisines, his creations showcase a symphony of flavors that echo his profound understanding of gastronomy.

Passion permeates through every aspect of Chef Han’s work. His staunch dedication to crafting phenomenal food from scratch reflects a respect for the core principles of ingredient selection and culinary traditions. Every dish is treated with reverence, mirroring his journey towards mastering his craft.

Chef Han’s distinguished culinary journey includes:

– The foundation of Kosoo Restaurant
– Owner and Chef of Sai Woo Restaurant
– Sous Chef at Provence Marinaside, Vancouver, Canada
– Culinary experiences at Le Cordon Bleu Signatures
– A tenure at Fairmont Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, Canada
–  Contributions at Kin Sushi

Now, Chef Han, along with the Kosoo management team, is embarking on a new voyage. Their shared vision is to extend the reach of Kosoo’s unique dining experience, carrying the legacy of joy, satisfaction, and culinary delight to more people. They dream of a future where the name Kosoo is synonymous with gastronomic excellence, memorable experiences, and, most importantly, happiness. Join us, and be part of this journey to reimagine the realm of Korean cuisine and create a tapestry of joyous memories.

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